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South Africa is often referred to as a ‘world in one country’, but what makes South Africa so special? A country with a turbulent past, a rainbow nation of cultures and cuisines, endless hours of sunshine, unsurpassed natural beauty. The answer is her PEOPLE, the citizens of this country.

Undoubtably South Africa has a promising future, but it rests in the hands of our communities. The time has come for communities to to take their rightful place in street committees, ward committees, local councils and district councils. Civics is the basis on which citizens stand; the soil – the land – the foundation – the country. Standing firm on the solid foundation of CMOSA. Every village, every town, every suburb, every street block deserves representation.

Citizens of South Africa, have your say and make your voice heard.

Do you dream of a better future?

Do you want to build a better South Africa for your children and grandchildren?

Do you want improve the livelihoods of countless people?

We have the power to stand firm and proud, on unified ground