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UPDATE: LOCAL ELECTIONS 1 NOVEMBER: CONTACT JUSTIN KRUGER +27661572118 or email Justin.cmosa@gmail.com to offer your support.  Justin is reporting for CIVIC DUTY in Ward 72.  You can also vote for CMOSA in every other Joburg ward for Proportional Representation. 

Justin has been very active as community champion in the area.  As volunteer police reservist he has helped to curb crime and has always volunteered for all community programs.  He does his CIVIC duty with pride. 

 As a project manager and entrepreneur his skills are very important to the City – we need him in Council. 

South Africa is often referred to as a ‘world in one country’, but what makes South Africa so special? A country with a turbulent past, a rainbow nation of cultures and cuisines, endless hours of sunshine and unsurpassed natural beauty. The answer is her PEOPLE, the citizens of this country. The Civic Movement champions people and community.

Undoubtedly South Africa has a promising future, but it rests in the hands of our communities. The time has come for communities to to take their rightful place in street committees, ward committees, local councils and district councils. A civic is the basis on which citizens stand; the soil – the land – the foundation – the country. Standing firm on the solid foundation of CMOSA. Every village, every town, every suburb, every street block deserves representation.

Citizens of South Africa in every community, have your say and make your voice heard.

Do you dream of a better future?

Do you want to build a better South Africa for your children and grandchildren?

Do you want improve the livelihoods of countless people?

Local Elections 2021: Our Councillors are selfless, objective, accountable, open, honest and above all leaders with integrity. They are guided by considered evidence,  real world experience and expertise, conscience and by their constituents.  They are free from the control of any political party, pressure group or whip.  They are non-discriminatory, ethical and committed to pluralism.  They make decisions transparently and openly at every stage and level of the political process. 

UNIQUELY – they SAVE MONEY BY LOWERING RATES AND TAXES.  This is done through total transparency in every tender process. For the first time in history, constituents will see how evidence based decisions are made, along with all possible cost cutting options that still get the job done.  That is why our councillors are trained in Project, Program, and Strategy management.  They use the Promotion of Access to Information Act to make sure no costs can be hidden nor funds embezzled.  They are also trained investigators and take no nonsense from perpetrators. They can quickly spot wasteful expenditure in the entire City, and take action. This cuts expenditure by up to 80%. 

CMOSA has saved much money for ratepayers in many areas such as DBNLM and Kagiso through innovative cost-cutting. Community patrolers curb crime. Entrepreneurs bring back business. Community champions efficiently run upliftment schemes. Established business forge good relationships with the community.  Corruption can not happen under the watchful eye of whole communities.

They listen, consulting communities constantly.  They treat political opponents with courtesy and respect, challenging them when they are wrong, and agreeing with them when they are right.  They resist abuses of power and patronage and promote democracy at every level.  They work with other elected CIVIC Independents to serve the needs of their constituents.

Ask yourself a question:
Are you ready for your rates to be used five times more efficiently?
Are you ready for a project manager on strategic, program and project management level to be in City Council?
Are you ready to send an experienced Policeman to clean up corruption in City Council?
Are you ready to move away from petty party politics and towards genuine service delivery?
Are you ready for a Community Friendly and Business Friendly CIVIC Service movement?
Are you ready for the Civic Movement of South Africa? Where good, clean, governance was proven since 1977?
Are you ready to remember that it was the CIVICS that freed Soweto from the hapless West Rand Bantu Administration Board and it was the CIVICS that empowered townships with Professional Self Service Delivery?
Are you ready for an Orthodox Jew that can speak African Languages and to whom tzedakah means genuinely and permanently alleviating poverty? Are you ready for Justin Kruger? 
Are you ready for Sydney Letoaba, a CIVIC veteran with decades of experience in City Council?
Are you ready for Joseph Malatjie, a CIVIC champion whose team has uplifted the entire Kagiso and surrounds?
Your support can lift people of Joburg Metro out of poverty through a 500% improvement in service delivery without an increase in rates and taxes. Find the “donate” button on the left.
What you do next will be historic. 

 Volunteer by clicking “FIND OUT MORE” below.



We – every citizen of every community –  have the power to stand firm and proud, on the unified ground of the Civic Movement