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Civic Movement of South Africa (CMOSA) is a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve the livelihoods of every citizen through community initiatives. CMOSA has also gone as far as to register with IEC for elections to further empower local people.

CMOSA distinguishes itself from political parties in that its constituents elect their own representatives from within the community – unlike a political party that impose party loyalists onto communities. 

A CMOSA SOMEONE is active as:
– A representative, or
– A professional, or
– A community initiative/entrepreneurship developer, or
– A local campaigner, or
– A service oriented councillor serving your own community. 

We urge all active community members to be a CMOSA SOMEONE (click here for more information)


Political parties would appoint a candidate from the top down resulting in residents and all other people living in the ward being excluded from fair and just consultation and participation.

Each CMOSA Civic  elects its own leaders.  A CMOSA Civic elects someone who serves the interests of the people within the ward.   

Consensus must always be reached.

Our mission is to have Civic Leaders that are right there in the community that they represent. We believe in a better future and are confident that with civic responsibility, CMOSA is the vehicle to a better future. It is of utmost importance that civics encourage participation as every suburb, every village and every street block deserves representation.

Our Approach

Our purpose is to promote Civic organisations in all voting districts, in each ward across the country, to empower people to choose their own leaders from within their community.

CMOSA believes that a person elected from within a community is far better equipped to understand and serve the needs of his or her community.  This will enable South Africans to contribute to their own future as well as the future of their neighbours and their community; and uphold the basic rights on shared values of equality, respect and independence.

Ubuntu comes naturally in a united community where members stand up and support one another.

Get Involved

CMOSA is steeped in a long tradition of CIVIC rule. Take a look around you and see who in your community cares most about the success of your area. Speak up and make your voice heard, get involved and heed the call to become a part of our growing force.

We are very excited to introduce The CMOSA Someone campaign, and encourage citizens to follow the progress on our social media platforms.

Tell us what you have to offer – CMOSA wants to hear from you!