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CMOSA is led by every community member – everyone is heard

CMOSA is a vehicle to a better future through grassroots community initiatives.


CMOSA promotes Civic organisations in all voting districts in each ward across the country to empower people to choose their own leaders from within their own communities.  A person ELECTED from WITHIN a community and by the community is in a BETTER POSITION to UNDERSTAND and SERVE the NEEDS of the people – IRRESPECTIVE of HIS or HER POLITICAL BELIEFS.

CMOSA councilors have TERM LIMITS and are subject to LIFESTYLE AUDITS as a check on their  probity (morals, integrity, and honesty).

Each voting district and each ward is unique with its own set of challenges and solutions. A person from within the community is therefore far better at serving than a party line politician from outside that serves his or her party interests.  CMOSA voters have a representative that they know personally, can hold accountable and can truly UNITE  behind.  In a UNITED community UBUNTU comes naturally and members stand up and support each other. The CRIME RATE DROPS because people know each other and no longer isolate themselves. Our WOMEN and CHILDREN are SAFER in a UNITED community – there is always someone watching out for them.

CMOSA has a footprint in every voting district and ward in every municipality across the country.  Become part of our fast growing force.