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Are you a CIVIC minded person that care about your community?  Apply to be a CMOSA SOMEONE by reading below and clicking the appropriate image or button.

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A Representative Collects, Collates and Uploads community issues to council, feed back council decisions to the community, and continually act as liaison between community and council.  Are you a strong and accurate communicator? Apply here.

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Accountants, Architects, Lawyers, Doctors, Clergy, Dentists, Scientists and all other professionals – apply here to work with CMOSA and help build your community.

Entrepreneurs benefit hugely from the feasibility studies and market research through the CMOSA ward preferred / most uplifting business contest.  If you have a successful business and/or strong business plan – apply here.

Campaigners for CMOSA are the best of the best people. You will be representing the movement and be a shining example of upright citizenry. Assist in fundraising. Sign up new members.  Grow CMOSA. Report directly to the National Organiser.

Apply here to serve the needs of your community as councillor. Your exceptional skills and positive attitude toward Hard Work is crucial.  You will  campaign hard, hold regular block meetings in all areas of your ward and attend all council meetings to make sure that all community issues are resolved by council.