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  1. Housing

{a} Family “S”

 RDP House for “s” 

The family had given up on their application for an RDP House hen CMOSA stepped in to help, the department was contacted and Mr Reed confirmed that the subsidy for the family  was approved a long time ago, he could not explain why the family was dismissed every time they try to follow up on their application.  We took the family to the housing office in Randfontein and the family is now waiting for the keys and the title deed after being offered a form to fill or application for the release of these important tools of ownership. This case will be closed only when the family finally enters their new house.


  1. “M” family 

This family also reported their house application went under water with no reports or action from the housing department; we followed it up and found that the subsidy was approved in Kagiso. But when the family went to the office for clarity they were told there is no house and they must wait a little longer. 

We are preparing a complaint against the department.

The Makgadi family was evicted following the tragedy of the father losing work. It looks like the bank sold the house without following proper process, and we followed up with the bank to get all necessary documents .

We have responses from the bank and we gave tasks to the family as part of collecting all documents. We also wrote to the bank insurance to access all necessary documents.

This process is still on and we will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of it. 

Family stand in Everton Kagiso “R” family

The family approached CMOSA because they own a stand in Everton but it seems as if there are people who are contesting the ownership of the stand. We followed up on this matter and found that the lawyer was retired.  The files were collected by the LEGAL Practice Council, we followed up on this and secured an appointment for the family to collect the file including a letter of executor for the stand. We advised the family to use the letter of the executor to get their late father’s title deed. They came back with the report that the stand is now under the City of Emfuleni. This was a surprise to all.

We are following up with Emfuleni Municipality

“L” family Inquiry about the house family inquiry about occupants of the house 

The father of this family was working in Krugersdorp Cobra but died in 1961 leaving his house with no one in Kagiso, the family was in Limpopo then and his children were very young, his rural wife collected the body but was not interested in a house. This house was later hijacked and possibly changed. We wrote to Cobra to get his address or other information from UIF and other company records, hopefully we will get a positive response that will lead to further investigation. This is just the first option or beginning of investigation. We later linked them with the housing department, they investigated and must go get information from their Rustenburg family. The City and CMOSA are waiting on them to return with the required documents.



The “R” family wanted us to intervene between them and Eskom.

CMOSA contacted Eskom management to make an arrangement for prepaid to avoid further accumulation.

Eskom ignored our letter.  We escalated the matter to NERSA, after that we received a call from Eskom. They suddenly demanded that we connect them to “our customer.”  We connected the family to Eskom for discussion. After heavy negotiations a settlement was successfully reached.

Labour Desk 

We formed a labour desk that follows up on labour issues. Several members are advised. We have good relations with modern democratic unions.

Business Forum

The CMOSA business forum is driven by three NEC members. There is a lot of potential to grow entrepreneurship.


Ebumnandini Proclamation 

The process to pursue the mandate started immediately after the public meeting. A response was received from the City. and after a number of follow ups a response from the City was sent to CMOSA.

Following this letter a response from CMOSA was sent to the City  demanding details on the overall plan to develop the informal settlement.


RDP House sold by partner 

 We received a complaint from a family consisting of 3 boys and “MM” their single mother who lost her house from her boyfriend of a year. They were living together when the boyfriend decided to rob her of her house by changing the title deed to him and later left her homeless with her three boys.

On realising that he has one, the boyfriend told the house with the family immediately evicted by the owner. 

We followed up with Mogale City with the following question to the department. 

  1. We wanted to know how he got the subsidy in question.
  2. What procedure followed to change the title-deed.
  3. Who changed the house
  4. Procedure followed to sell the house considering that it was le than to year when it  sold
  5. The city offered to assist with their lawyer to get the file from the Provincial government, o because they agreed with us that the l illegal and the change of hand were fraudulent.

We’re pursuing the file that according to the Provincial government is nowhere to be found.  An application for access to information has been made to the city of JHB.

RDP House Faulty 

This matter was reported by Mama Kedebone Lebele.  After inspecting the house, faults were identified by CMOSA. Her children advised her to drop the process for now. They offered to fix the house themselves according to the CMOSA specifications.


Family problems (name redacted for privacy)

 CMOSA national organizer took the matter forward and they involved the social worker and Police.  The matter is now receiving attention from authorities.

   {b} Pikitup  cleaning program 

The head office was approached 15 Jan 2021 with the proposal and they referred us to the region C office of Pikitup in Roodepoort. The Manager there, in the name of Mr. Majoro Letsela  refused indicating that only the Councillor can give Ebumnandini program go ahead because according to him, the budget in region C belongs to the councillor.  We raised this response with the head office of Pikitup with the following questions.

  1. Is the Councillor taking over Pikitup operations?
  2. Is the mandate of Pikitup now changing to favour a certain political party?
  3. We asked them to explain this new responsibility of the councillor in their offices.

The response from the Pikitup COO Mr Christopher Dyani was positive and it led to a proposal of June 16 as the cleaning day with Pikitup, Cremona Factory, the Community and CMOSA leading from the front.  

Labour Desk 

EPWP Workers a meeting is to set with this group to hear them out for action.

Cremona Factory Meeting 

The mandate was given by the community for CMOSA to engage the company on the following issues. 

  1. Land for 300 families 
  2. Dangers in the open space
  3. Beneficiation for the community 
  4. Security , long grass and trenches 
  5. Support of the cleaning campaign 

We met the Cremona Cheese Factory and the following was agreed 

  1. We agreed that a committee of safety will be formed between the community , police and the company with clear plans on what to do.
  2. The trenches in open space will be closed and the safety committee will deal with the people who keep digging trenches that are dangerous for the community.  
  3. The company presented A PLAN for developing the area and because of that it was agreed that the request for the land for 300 families is impossible considering that the development will take place soon. 
  4. On the project the company will present in writing the beneficiation program for the family and things that we put forward will be part of that beneficiation plan.  But the company indicated that they are currently supporting few families who were submitted as needy families by the councillor.  But all these things will be contained in a proper report soon to be forwarded to CMOSA. 
  5. The community and the company must agree on a date when to burn the long grass in open spaces and that will be done through the security committee.
  6. The company will support the cleaning campaign with:{a} Food on the Day {b} TLB {c} Gloves They also want to be part of cleaning so that they can bond with the community , the councillor also want to be part of the program and a meeting to meet her and the company will be scheduled to hear what proposals is she bringing to make the cleaning day big. 

The Cremona Cheese Factory { Kgothadi  }

We were given a rude awakening by a sad call from the community reporting another killing of a passer- by on Cremonaland. Since then  our office was inundated with calls from the community around the area.  We agreed Cremona on: 

  1. Cutting of the long grass
  2. Closing of quarries
  3. Patrolling of the area 

We have since assembled a team of 26 very ready men who will be taking this responsibility of patrolling the area. As agreed.

These dedicated men will be patrolling the area from 4am to 8am in the morning and 6pm to 10pm daily. 

They will be divided in groups with each group armed with a radio, and a torch at night. 

These little radios will be used between the groups and the security control room.

The control centre of the CPF in Tshepisong West will be used for reporting purposes, and registering daily, the equipment will also be kept there for ease of access. 

The control room will use one of the radios to communicate with the teams, take instructions from the team for a panic button currently there and connect to police.  Equipment include 7 Radios, 7 Torches and 16 reflectors.

Leratong Village 


{a} Proclamation of the area 

We met with the community of Leratong Village and they gave us a mandate to apply for the proclamation of their area. The City of Joburg visited the area without informing us and told them that the area does not belong to them and the owner of the place can evict them anytime.  The following day we were called to follow up on the matter, they asked us to find out who is the person and is it true if the place is owned by somebody else. 

We instructed them to call a public meeting like all other branches for all issues to be discussed, this decision of calling branch meetings was a CMOSA directive and to date they did not call a meeting where leaders of CMOSA were going to report. 

This failure to call a meeting was an indication that they are afraid to go out in public and this weakness needs our attention to either find other bold leaders or resuscitate the current.  Our policies direct us to Empower people to stand up for their rights. Now that they are informed they have renewed vigor. Watch this space.


Plot 38 owned by Frank Moses: After CMOSA sent a letter to him, he went straight to the people living in his plot 38 and many of his proposals were accepted by the people. We are monitoring progress closely.


A family about to be evicted for failing to pay bond.  We are engaging the bank positively.  We think this matter will be resolved soon. 

We arranged a meeting in a new block 5 in Tshepisong , with 95% support from residents even though the so called ‘committee’ were grumpy about it. Peace will reign. Good service will always win.


A family has received reports from the bank about their loan house and we are still studying the report for a response and approach to the matter. 

A family fighting about the house with their uncle, we also found that they have a will from their parents and we assisted them with a consent letter  and to apply for the letter of authority. This process is ongoing.

A family reported that they rented their stand to somebody who according to them has not been paying rent for two years now. 

The person is arrogantly chasing other tenants in the yard as if it’s his. not paying and denied the fact that they have fraudulently transferred the stand under their names.

They also suspect that he may have colluded with housing officials to fraudulently transfer the stand under their names. 

We approached the family in the stand and they confirm that they are 

We give them until Saturday  19TH June 2021 to pay the rent to their landlord or face the might of the law. This matter is ongoing. They did not pay and the  chairperson of the branch intervene  with housing representatives , they found that Tebogo has  no documents for the house , apparently they were burnt by a brother who committed suicide in the same house, but they advised Tebogo to go to housing for confirmation letter. We wrote to the housing department pursuing in particular the changing of the house number without consultation , including a confirmation letter because Tebogo was not winning. The director in region C instructed a certain Thembakazi in his office to deal with the matter, we are expecting an outcome next week.


A family was evicted by FNB in 2018, according to the evidence before us they had a personal lawn of over R80 000 with FNB. Also they had a Standard bank home loan to the same house. There is no evidence of the FNB Loan, but the founding affidavit to high court was used as part of documents giving the bank a right to evict them. No court order was found.

We wrote to both banks asking for certain documents and we also needed their confirmation of certain evidence. Following our analysis of evidence we also want to put questions to the family.

We also wrote to the bank ombudsman and the High Court of JHB, the court clerk responded with the request for more information and we knew that we were right. There is likely bank corruption afoot once again.

This matter is ongoing.

One member contracted with Air liquid to provide food services, the company decided not to pay management fees over a million rand. We engaged the company and it was later clear that the company was playing dumb for gains. They have since renewed their relationship with a new contract. 

A driver of a bedding company got in an accident, one leg amputated and wheelchair bound.  We found that the company is not registered with COIDA or UIF. No adherence to laws of the country and  CMOSA opposes lawbreaking.

We engaged the company and agreed on payment to the guy every week; we also proposed an amount of R15m as a settlement of the employment relationship. We are waiting for their lawyers to meet us. Application to RAF was done.

A member was a CEO of a company called Reshumile, they had a contractual relationship with Pikitup for Separation at source program, after the contract was signed he was kicked out and fraud was committed by the current CEO of the company. We assisted him by identifying issues of fraud and an affidavit was prepared for him.


This young man found his girlfriend being assaulted by a local guy, he intervened and he also got beaten by the assaulter. They demanded compensation from the assaulter as he was apologetic the next day. He even agreed to pay in front of Witnesses. A few days later, the young man was falsely arrested for ‘blackmailing’ the same guy. We followed up with the station with no success and we contacted the MEC for safety in GP and she spoke to the station commander, he came back and apologised, the police that arrested the young man were dismissed after a disciplinary hearing.  His lawsuit against the assaulter is being monitored. It is a valid claim. We are concerned that police seem unable to distinguish between valid claims and ‘blackmail’ (remember the station had to be trained in this by the MEC). Hopefully they will learn by getting fired.


We were directed by the Journalist of Soweto Sunrise News to a housing group led by one energetic Mme Nnuku. We were told that they have been in Pretoria , province and region trying to secure houses for the young and old, including orphans and people with disability,  we met with Mme NNuku a very energetic woman who invited us to their meeting, they  were preparing for a march to Mogale City Housing office. And because we are a movement we jumped in to support them, we prepared our own petition for submission. CMOSA demanded the issuing of houses with immediate effect , Audit and forensic investigation with leaders of CMOSA and Mme Nnuku allowed to make presentations to the investigators including getting reports from them. Mme Nnuku is our newest happy CMOSA member. 

Chocko five 

This is an organisation of young people, they came looking for partnership, first because they have many issues and need assistance. They are focused on programs to empower young people economically and in education. They have different training in business and otherwise. Operating from a training centre in Laushum. They also asked for our assistance.

They own land but lack funds to develop it into a big all purpose centre for youth.  We indicated that CMOSA has no problem with working with them. Plans are in place.

Centre Manager Kagiso 

We met the centre manager with the aim of forging a relationship between us, he was very welcoming and told us that all these malls are managed by Old Mutual and the company is ready any time to assist the community. We were asked to prepare a proposal for all sectors of our community and submit to them and they will look at it.  So far we have the following proposals:

Art and Culture 

  1. Abashokobezi Bodumo { music}

This is a young group with 14 members; they registered their first album with 12 song in few years ago. They are currently finalising their second album 

1.1 Long term areas of development 

{a} They need a studio to record their songs and assist others in the community to record

{c} They need vigorous marketing with a reasonable injection of money to sustain such

{d} They need transport to move around for events

{a} They need a proper sound system 

1.2. Short term needs 

{a} Recording a second album and patenting work of the group.

{b} Uniform 

{c} Training and or mentoring 

{d} Sound system

{e} Instruments 

{f} food supply per event 

  1. Happy Boys Foot Ball Club 

This is one of the best soccer teams in Kagiso, started in 2007, they played in many cups including the Mayoral Cup in 2011. Super Cup after that and in all these cups they always finish well if not winning the cup. They won the NFA league 2021-2022!


2.1 Long term needs 

{a} Transport 

{b} Team ground and house 

{c} Soccer boots 

{d} Track suits 

2.2. Long term needs 

{a} Soccer balls                                                 {c} Squeeze bottles 

{b} Gloves                                                            {d} timers 

{b} Reflectors                                                       {e} weasels 

{f} Joining upper leagues

  1. Ratapele Feeding Scheme 

3.1. Long term needs 

{a} Catering chairs 

{b} T shirts {branded} 

{c} 2 Office Computers 

3.2. Short term needs 

{a} Gazibo 

{b} 2 Water boilers 

{c} 2 Gas stove and gas bottles 

{d} School Shoes and school bags   { different sizes } 


4.1 Short term 

{a} 1 Computer or laptop 

{b} 1 Studio 2010 AC Toshiba Combo Printer 

{c} 8 radios and torches { for Patrollers }

{d} 20 reflectors  

{e} Automatic Hot/Cold laminator FY

{f} Signage & Poster Printing – Canon South Africa machine 


This is a small group of residence collecting old clothes for the poor, they have been doing this out of their pockets and will from 2004. They organise events like Christmas for the poor yearly. Blankets ect. 

They need office equipment and sponsors for food and blankets. 

Mr Kenneth Kuboane Soccer Club 

With the total of 46 kids 

  • Boys under 14 
  • Boys under 12
  • Boys under 10 
  • Girls under 10

Camagu Soccer Club 

With the total of 35 kids 

  • Boys under 17 
  • Boys under 15
  • Boys under 10 

Mrs Puleng Lekgutle Netball Club 

With a total of 30 kids 

  • Girls under 15 
  • Girls under 10 
  • Boys under 5  

 These teams come are first teams produced from ext 6 Kagiso 2 ward 11, all these teams are not funded, therefore they are desperately in need of uniforms, soccer balls, netballs, cones, and bibs , kits and transport, refreshments, nets and poles. 

We are also looking for assistance with team building camps, and to also develop the kids psychologically and physically, this we believe it helps to educate and promote healthy lifestyle,  


Environment and Infrastructure Coalition  

“A” approached us for assistance, following a Pikitup tender where they discovered corruption with companies receiving letters of appointment way before the tender was advertised,  an amount of R 30 000 was the price put forward for any company that wanted an appointment letter. We prepared an affidavit for them detailing every corrupt action on the matter and this affidavit was submitted to the MMC for environment, who according to the coalition verbally promised what is below here, but we were also asked to assist by preparing the below pre-agreement contract. This matter is still ongoing.