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Civil Servants Belong to the Community, Care About Every Person, and Serve with Distinction

  1. Consultation: Citizens should always be consulted on matters to do with their needs.
  2. Standards: All citizens must know the service they should expect.
  3. Redress: Civil servants must offer all citizens an apology as well as a solution in instances where standards fail to be met.
  4. Access: All citizens need equal service access.
  5. Courtesy: All citizens – without discrimination – must receive fair treatment and always be served courteously.
  6. Information: All citizens are entitled to complete, accurate information.
  7. Openness and transparency: All citizens need to know about how decisions are reached and also about how departments are run.
  8. Value for money
    The services offered should always give money value.
  9. Customer Impact
    This is a new principle which has been added in for 2002. It focuses on the changes and consequences that result from our implementing Batho Pele in our work. It was noticed that some departments had concentrated more on some of the principles and had forgotten others. Impact means looking at the benefits which we have provided for our customers both internal and external – it’s how the nine principles link together to show how we have improved our overall service delivery.
Have you met a great Public Servant that adhere to the Batho Pele principles all the time?  Tell the good news story here.  Should you come across Public Servants that do not know these principles, please show them this post.