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Eldorado Park (Ward 17 Jhb)
26 April 2021

If you thought that our Councillor Antonita Heyes is one to wait for power to be restored, you would be wrong.  CMOSA members did not hesitate – they quickly got the pots together and charcoal – and viola! the kids were still fed a healthy meal.

CMOSA Councillor Antonita Heynes cooking for the children while waiting for City Power to restore electricity.

It is a well known fact that community champions make the best city councillors.  Gone are the days when political parties can deploy people who are not part of the community.

CMOSA is very proud to have exceptional people on board.  Eldorado Park is becoming better by the day thanks to community champions that do not let anything deter them.

We predict an overwhelming victory at the ballot box next month.