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You must remember your vote is valuable and must be given to someone who deserves it.

Things to Think about!

Who are the Parties or Persons that are running for election? Sometimes people just love the idea of power and will do anything to get it. One must be careful of such people they are everywhere. Who is this man/woman running for office?

What do they stand for? A party/person running for election has to have a clear message of what they are going to do/change – are they just saying things to make you happy or can you see that these people have a DIFFERENT approach.

Did they ever ask your opinion? Why in an age of democracy with billions spent on many things have the parties/councilors not directly asked the people what they want? Is it not possible the people may have a new and good idea…

Where are they from? Distance is a thing how can a councilor be really looking after your area/community if he lives and works far away, shouldn’t your councilor live nearby so to effect changes that even he is comfortable to live in.

What have they done so far? Nothing speaks louder than a record, if a criminal can get a criminal record of the things he has done wrong in the past why can’t a party/councilor get the same? Alternatively, just look around you and really think what have these people done for the past 4 or 8 years in office?

Do you know the people in the party or the proposed councilor? It is very easy for someone to go on radio or TV and say 1 2 and 3 but just a minute this is your community you need somebody/a representative that is familiar with the area and its people’s problems. Would you give a R1000 to a stranger you or your neighbor has never met? Maybe not.

Loyalty? Loyalty is useless, record of results/action is everything. Would you buy rotten bread from a shop everyday just because you know that shop and you have always gone there? You would change the shop for better bread obvious.


Parties/councilors job is to serve you pick the right one for the job people please.